James Martin High School Warrior Band

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Madeline Rodriguez

What is your fondest memory of being in band?

Senior year band roadtrip to BOA St. Louis. I was surrounded by my best friends for an entire weekend, and I laughed more on that trip than I have in my entire life. Also, I think we placed 6th? Good times.

How did band help you become successful in your career and/or life?

It has helped me in more ways than I can count. In 2015 I graduated high school and spent the next 4 years at OU. In 2 short months I will graduate from medical school. My path has required endless determination and perseverance, as well as skills in time management and interpersonal communication... all of which I learned from being in high school band. 

During my medical residency interviews, many programs asked me what I am most proud of, outside of my medical career, thus far. My answer to them was my ability to remain balanced despite the demanding path I chose. I am so proud of how I've been able to start a marriage, a family, and keep up with friends and hobbies all while going through medical school. In high school, being in band forced me to learn how to manage my time and juggle different responsibilities. It forced me to be organized and learn how to prioritize. These skills are now used to prioritize keeping me human instead of a robot. 

Finally, throughout my clinical rotations, I've been told by many attendings that I carry myself with confidence. I love this compliment, but I often laugh when they tell me this because 99% of the time I do not feel that way. Being drumline captain and holding leadership positions at 16 years old must have taught me this confidence. It taught me how to be decisive and how to keep myself and others accountable. 

What do you wish someone would have told you when you were a freshman?

Take this time to figure out what you're good at and what brings you the most joy. If you can do those two things, the path to your future will pave itself. 

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