James Martin High School Warrior Band

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Jason Rosenbaum

What is your fondest memory of being in band?

My fondest memories would be band fall semesters because it meant pep rallies, football games and marching band. Marching band was my favorite part of high school band.

How did band help you become successful in your career and/or life?

Marching band definitely instilled being on time in my life, so much so that being late to something is my biggest pet peeve now. To be on time is to be early! I can also walk backward pretty well thanks to marching lol.

What do you wish someone would have told you when you were a freshman?

 Something I wish I had been told is that I could’ve done both soccer and marching band. I was told I had to choose and I chose band, no regrets there, but doing both would’ve been even better.

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