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NTCA Contest this Saturday - Volunteers still needed!


Hello Warrior Band family,

We are five days away from the NTCA show at Martin and we still have MANY spots to fill. Here are the links for signing up:

The most important areas we still need for adults: 

  • Unit Check-in for the afternoon - two spots to fill from 4:15pm to whenever the last group checks in (probably 7pm)
  • Floor Folding - need one for each shift, 11:15am-4:30pm and 4:15pm-8:30pm
  • Volunteer check-in - one spot to fill from 4:15pm-until probably 6pm (once everyone is checked in). Easy job, just hang out in the cafeteria and send kids to their jobs. We'll have a list of where kids needs to go.

For students, we still need 18 students for the morning shift of 11:15am-4:30pm and 29 students for the evening shift of 4:15pm-8:30pm.  



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